Best Time To Sell

If you are looking to sell your car, you will need to address several important variables. These include (but are definitely not limited to) knowing a fair price, obtaining all of the necessary paperwork, understanding your rights as the seller and using different ways to advertise the vehicle. Still, many will ask if there are certain times of the year that are better to sell a car than others. Although opinions can differ, there are still a few interesting guidelines to note. You might be surprised to learn that your car can fetch much higher prices during specific months and seasons. Let's shed some light on this subject.

The End of the Summer

The end of the summer is often associated with back-to-school sales and Halloween decorations being put on display. However, were you aware that this can also be a great time to consider a car sale? The reason behind this theory is that after summer holidays, many individuals and families are looking to get back into the “swing of things” and organise their year until Christmas. There can also be times when a child is entering school for his or her first year. So, selling a car could be a good option to consider.

The New Year

Many of us make resolutions once the new year begins. Still, this could also be an excellent opportunity to place your car on the market. Many individuals will have received their holiday bonuses, so they might be in a much better position to consider a new or used vehicle. Another point to bring up is that used car dealers are often looking to increase their inventory for the upcoming year. It therefore is sensible to observe that they might be able to offer better prices when compared to other seasons.

The End of the School Year

May and June can also be wise times to look into a car sale. Many families are preparing for the summer months. Those considering a vacation or driving across different states could be hoping to secure a great deal on a used car. As the stress of the scholastic season is likely winding down, they could also simply have more time to focus on such a purchase.

National Holidays

Many buyers view national holidays such as Labor Day or President's Day as the perfect time to hunt for a car. This is the very same reason why many dealers regularly hold massive sales during such holidays. Valentine's Day could be another interesting option; particularly if you have a car that is ideal for a female driver. You might very well be able to offer a handsome price to that boyfriend who is looking to surprise his significant other.

Still, other holidays should be avoided. These include Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Such events are more associated with spending time with the family as opposed to going shopping for a user car.

The Season and the Type of Vehicle

This is a point that is normally not touched upon in enough detail. Would you ever try to sell a Valentine's Day gift during July or a pair of snow shoes to a store in Florida? In other words, the type of vehicle will have a direct impact upon the time of year that it should be sold.

SUVs and trucks are often very attractive during the months of the year that are associated with poor weather. This is even more relevant in the northern tier of the country. In certain parts of the country, keep an eye on hunting seasons. The demand for 4x4 vehicles will often dramatically increase during these windows.

On the other hand, sports cars and convertibles tend to be more popular during the late spring and as summer approaches. This has naturally to do with the impending good weather and the ability to hit the open road in style.

Work trucks and utility vans are likewise normally in higher demand between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. This is usually when business owners are looking to increase their fleet of vehicles.

There are certain times of the year which can dramatically improve your chances of securing a sale. Keep these dates in mind and with any luck, you will certainly not be disappointed!