Although your car is a very real investment, the fact of the matter is that you might desire a change from tie to time. Whether you have your eyes on a newer model or you need to sell your vehicle to free up some much-needed money, the fact of the matter is that this can be somewhat of a confusing process. However, you will be able to enjoy a quick and profitable sale if you follow a few simple tips. Let's make a concise checklist of some of the most important factors that should be considered. You may be very surprised at just how clear the process can be with a bit of help!

Knowing the Price

While this may be clear, there are many sellers who are not aware of the true value of their car. This could result in the seller receiving much less than is realistic or higher prices that prevent a sale altogether. You need to have an objective figure and the best way to accomplish this is to use authoritative guides such as and Kelley Blue Book ( You will simply enter in the make and model of your vehicle along with other details such as the mileage. Then, the average price will be shown.

All About Advertising

Even the best car in the world will fail to sell if it is not promoted properly. Thankfully, you have numerous means at your disposal. Some of the most common include:

  • Online forums
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Word of mouth
  • Listings at your local Chamber of Commerce

The bottom line here is that all of these should be used when possible. You can therefore enjoy the most exposure and be contacted by a number of different potential buyers.

Before the Sale

Never be too eager to liberate your car. Let's remember that presentation is key in order to “hook” the buyer. So, spend a few days thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior. Pay particular attention to areas which are likely to be examined in detail. These include underneath the hood, the seats, the trunk, headlights and tail lights and the body (paint, chrome accents, bumpers, etc.) A clean car is one that illustrates the care that the owner has given it in the past.

The Actual Sale

We now need to deal with the physical sale of the car. Do not appear too eager, as this may hint that there is something wrong (even if this is not the case). Even if the first buyer you met offers you an incredible offer, it is a good idea to meet with at least three others. Still, a sale rarely occurs immediately. Be patient and understand that you are asking another individual to part with their hard-earned money.

Now we should mention negotiations a bit. Be ready to haggle slightly. Appreciate the fact that just as you are trying to get the best price, the buyer is hoping to lower this figure as much as possible. Never make the mistake of being too “concrete” in regards to this figure. Embracing a bit of flexibility can go a long way in terms of establishing a good relationship. Even if this takes a few days or a few weeks, it is worth it in the long run.


Have all of your paperwork ready in advance. This includes your most recent inspection, the title and registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles and even the past history of repairs that have been made. This is the best way to make sure that the sale is transparent and that both parties are aware of their rights.

This is a brief overview of some of the metrics that you will need to take into account before and during a car sale. Please feel free to refer back to this checklist in order to make certain that you are well prepared in advance.