Everyone is familiar with the modern truck. These vehicles are ideal when we need to transport goods and materials from place to place. They are used for agricultural applications, within the construction sector and indeed within many other situations.


The term “truck” is actually very broad in regards to a standard definition. For the sake of simplicity here, we will categorise a truck by its main characteristics. Some of the most prominent features of this vehicle include:

  • The choice of both a two-wheel and a four-wheel drive system.
  • A “bed” found in the rear that can be used to transport materials from place to place.
  • An ability to handle a good deal of weight (usually measured in tonnes).
  • A large and spacious cabin that can accommodate at least two individuals. 

Of course, these features will slightly vary between different makes and models. The main point to note is that all trucks share such characteristics.

The Different Types of Trucks

As you can imagine, there is literally a truck for every need. Some will be used for heavy hauling while others are perfect for the family or collectors. Some of the main categories include:

  • 4x4 vehicles
  • Standard pick-up trucks
  • Extended cab trucks
  • Used trucks
  • Classic trucks
  • Extended cab trucks 

The 4x4 is arguably the most popular model, as it can negotiate a variety of different terrains. You will be able to switch in between two- and four´-wheel drive depending upon your requirements. While suited for urban settings, the 4x4 is often used within rural areas or for agricultural tasks.

Standard pick-up trucks are seen in a number of different environments. They are available in both two- and four-wheel drive. Most pick-ups are noted as having a slightly lower hauling and towing capacity when compared to their larger 4x4 counterparts.

Used trucks (including classic trucks) also enjoy a prominent place in the American marketplace. Used trucks are great options if you are on a limited budget while classic trucks (such as the 1952 ford pick-up) can be highly valuable to collectors.

Extended cab trucks have been around for a few decades and as the name hints, larger cabs are designed to accommodate the needs of between four and five passengers. These are often associated with extended truck beds as well; significantly contributing to the overall length of the vehicle.