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Commercial Trucks

Whether used for hauling bulk materials from one job site to another or in conjunction with telescopic booms and other accessories, the fact of the matter is that you simply cannot compete with the raw power and versatility of the modern commercial truck. This is a particularly broad category and from a very generalized definition, a commercial truck is any vehicle that is primarily designed for work-related purposes. So, it is constructed in a different manner than private trucks and standard cargo vans. Let us take a quick look at some of the typical aspects associated with most commercial trucks before examining how to get the best deal on the latest models.

What Features Define a Commercial Truck?

First of all, commercial trucks are known to employ extremely powerful engines. This is very important, for the will often be required to transport very heavy and bulky loads. Most are equipped with at least a V8 although it is not uncommon for V10 and even V12 variants to be used. Also, most contain automatic as opposed to manual transmissions. This enables them to be easier to controlled and modern technologies have dramatically increased fuel efficiency. Both diesel and gasoline variants are available although diesel tends to be more popular in colder climates.

The second defining factor tends to center around its dimensions and durability. Commercial trucks are known for their robust builds; particularly in regards to a large chassis that can support tons of additional weight. Many manufacturers offer cut-away models that consist of only a cab. The owner can then mount the appropriate bed or enclosure on the back (a common example here is a flatbed truck). Of course, this is a general overview and different companies will supply equally different options.

All commercial trucks are defined by what is known as their gross weight vehicle rating (GVWR). This is another term used to express the maximum safe operating weight of the vehicle. It takes into account materials, the weight of the chassis and the total number of passengers. However, it will not include items such as detachable trailers. A higher GVWR equates to a larger and more robust commercial truck. However, keep in mind that this gross weight may prevent the vehicle from being operated on roads with a tonnage limit.

Getting the Best Deal

Assuming that you are looking to purchase a new commercial truck, price is obviously the main concern. This cost will often be associated with the size and power of the engine alongside any amenities such as all-wheel drive and all-terrain tires. As with any purchase, it is always a good idea to shop around in order to appreciate average prices. A handful of other suggestions include:

  • Use Kelley Blue Book to understand the MSRP of the truck in question.

  • Research different makes and models online, as you will be able to choose the best variant for your needs.

  • Determine what type of financing the dealership offers.

  • Know how many months it will take to repay what is owed.

  • Ask if you are able to trade in your old truck for a new model.

  • Make certain to research the reputation of the dealer before committing to any purchase.

The Most Popular 2017 Commercial Trucks

According to the latest research, these models are thought to represent the best value for their cost:

  • The Chevrolet Colorado

  • The Ram 1500 series

  • The Ford Super Duty Pickup

  • The Ram Chassis Cab

  • The GMC Canyon

It should now be clear to see the advantages of commercial trucks as well as what to look out for when deciding upon a certain make and model.