One of the most frustrating experiences is to suddenly learn that we are locked out of our vehicle.  Unfortunately, this normally occurs when we are least expecting it.  Whether on our way home from the office or before picking a child up from day care, what began as a normal day can quickly evolve into a veritable nightmare.  This is why professional locksmithing services can come in so very handy.  Still, there are several variables to take into account in order to make the best choices possible.  Let's examine a handful of common factors before examining what many consider to be the top five nationwide locksmith services.

Response Times

This should already be obvious, but it is worth mentioning that not all locksmiths boast the same rapid response times.  This will depend upon their location as well as the radius (normally in miles) that they serve.  The best firms tend to offer guaranteed times between 30 minutes and one hour.  Always look into this, for there is nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the highway while you wait for hours in the cold or the rain.


Experience will speak volumes in terms of what you can expect from a firm.  How long have they been in business?  Are their drivers reliable and can they perform other services such as jump starting a car or towing?  It is always better to choose a company which offers a number of options, as needs can quickly change during such unpredictable situations.

So, it is a great idea to search online for the top locksmiths in your area and navigate to their website.  You can normally learn a great deal through an “About Us” section.  If this is not available, search for virtual forums or independent reviews to learn what others may be saying about the organization.   Such feedback is critical in order for you to make the right decision.


It has been shown that the average price (as of 2014) for a locksmith is approximately $65 dollars.  However, this does not necessarily include additional factors such as:

  • The distance that the locksmith will have to travel.
  • The time of the day or evening.
  • The type of vehicle.
  • Other services such as transportation or general roadside assistance.

This is why it is always wise to compare at least three different firms in order to encounter the most amenable price.

The Ability to Duplicate Keys

Some locksmiths will only unlock your car and start it up.  While this can be useful, what if you are unable to find a spare set of keys when you arrive home?  A growing number of companies will be able to cut keys based off the make and model of your vehicle.  Or, they might offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) keys which they will order through the car company itself.  

Modern Technology

Let's keep in mind that a growing number of vehicles are now equipped with keyless entry devices (known as “key fobs” in some circles).  While these are very convenient, they can become a real problem if they are lost or cease to function properly.  While a growing number are happy to address this need, not all companies are able to handle modern methods. 

The Top Five Nationwide Locksmiths

Now that we have examined some of the details to keep in mind, let's take a look at what many consider to be the top five locksmiths which offer their services on a nationwide level.


The Automobile Association of America is by far the most reputable locksmithing service.  Other options offered by AAA including towing, emergency jump starts and transportation to the nearest garage.  This nationwide organization will require a yearly membership fee.

The National Motor Club

NMC is another popular choice as they include general locksmithing as one of their standard services.  Personal accident coverage and roadside assistance are other options that members can enjoy.


AARP is an additional option, as this group offers locksmithing and vehicle assistance alongside other packages such as insurance products.  This is often the preferred choice for those who are at or near the age of retirement.

GM Motor Club

This is obviously intended for those who own a vehicle manufactured by General Motors and since it is one of the largest, it is still worth mentioning here.  Members can enjoy highly discounted rates as well as reduced insurance premiums over time.

Good Samaritan Roadside Assistance

While this company specializes in providing assistance to those who own an RV, they also supply an expert locksmithing service.  Rates are quite low and there are a number of different pricing packages to choose from.