New Car Deals

It is important to realize that a new car is just as much of an investment as a home or a job. In fact, modern vehicles will provide you with ten years or more of dependable travel. They enable you to take the family on holiday, to attend business meetings and indeed, everything in between. Much like any other financial decision, you need to weigh your options and variables very carefully before committing to one vehicle over another. Let's examine what you must keep in mind during the buying process as well as some great tips that will make certain the best decision is made.

Buying a New Car: Addressing Your Personal Needs

Before ever examining specific makes and models, you first need to define what the vehicle is to be used for. How many people is it intended to transport? Is it mainly to be used for business, for pleasure or for a mixture of both? Will it be required to travel long distances regularly or do you instead desire a unit ideal for city driving? Another aspect to keep in mind is if you are expecting children in the future. Should this be the case, it might be a better option to purchase a safer vehicle with more interior space (such as a full-sized sedan or a sport utility vehicle).

All About the Specifics...

Let's assume that you know the basic make and model that you require for your everyday needs. What other features must you address? First, take a look at the miles per gallon that the engine provides. Examine both motorway driving as well as city navigation, as these figures will differ. Try to find a car that boasts superior efficiency. This can save you thousands of pounds during the time that you own the unit.

Safety is another real concern

Most new cars are equipped with a host of modern features. A few areas to keep an eye out for are:

• Airbags in numerous locations.
• “Crumple zones” within the front and rear of the car. These can serve to dissipate physical forces in the event of a collision.
• Proximity detectors in the boot of the car.
• Adjustable headlamps.
• Anti-lock brakes and “smart” stability control.

The price will be your final main point to address. Let's not forget that the more money you put down in terms of a bulk payment, the less your monthly premiums will be. Think about this from a long-term perspective. Will you realistically be able to afford the monthly premiums? If you have any doubts, it may be better to choose a car that is in a different price bracket. Factor insurance into this equation. Call your current provider and ask them for a quotation. If the payments will be higher, add this figure into the premiums. This is a great way to make sure that you are able to establish the correct budget well in advance.

Always keep this checklist handy when browsing for a new car online or when heading out to your local dealership. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking weeks or even months to decide what is the best option for you and (potentially) for your family. You will not regret this type of patience!

If you are old enough, you might be able to remember heading out with the parents to look at a new car on the floor of a dealership. Perhaps a bit of shrewd negotiation tactics were involved and if your parents were lucky, you may have very well been able to drive home in the lap of luxury. Times have changed and yet in a way, they have remained the same. The power of the Internet now enables you to view new cars with the simple click of a button. However, should you completely forego the dealership in favour of this electronic medium? Let's take a look at some of the benefits associated with each method before offering a few helpful tips during the buying process.

​Online VS Dealerships

The Dealership

If you wish to embrace the more traditional methodology, heading to a local or regional car dealer could be your best option. There are several advantages with taking this approach. First, you are able to get an up-close-and-personal view of the car in question. You can sit inside, determine the levels of comfort and get an overall “feel” for the make and model. Naturally, the dealer will enable you to give it a test drive before making your ultimate decision. This hands-on approach is indeed a good idea, but there may be a few drawbacks.

Dealerships offer what is known as the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). There is little (if any) room for negotiation in this case. Another issue is that as there is limited physical space within any building, the specific design that you desire may not be able to be viewed or you could be required to wait until the next shipment to return to the premises. If you have time constraints, a dealership might also be a bit too much trouble.

Online Portals

A growing number of consumers are now entering the vast world of the Internet to buy a new car of their choice. The most pronounced advantage here is the simple fact of convenience. You can browse whenever you are the most comfortable. Also, the sheer variety of cars to choose from is unable to be paralleled at any traditional dealership.

Price could also come into play in regards to online purchases. These virtual dealers are well aware that they are in direct competition with new car salespersons within your region. They may be able to offer significant discounts as well as additional perks such as window tinting or a security system. In essence, you cold very well save a great deal of money by choosing this alternative.

The downside to an online dealer is that you are not likely to ever meet the salesperson in question. All transactions are performed electronically and thus, there could be even less room for negotiation. We should also not fail to mention that there are some sites which are more trustworthy than others. Many consumers have been scammed by utilising auction platforms which claimed that they could offer “new” cars at massively discounted rates. They would only later discover that the car was used or (in the worst-case scenarios) that they supplied their personal information to a scammer. This is why you should only work with the largest sites and that you should read any terms and conditions very carefully before committing to any type of agreement.

In essence, it might be best to use both of these resources in conjunction with one another. For example, get an idea of the price of your desired vehicle through online sources before entering into a dealership and negotiating further. The end result will be the necessary insight so that you can make the best choices possible and walk away the proud owner of an immaculate vehicle!