Buying a car can be a great deal of fun and excitement. Whether this is your first vehicle or you are looking to replace an older model, years of enjoyment and reliability await. Modern times now allow us to choose from a wealth of different types of vehicle. Let's take a look at some of the most common and what features each variety has to offer.

Compact Cars

Examples here can included the Mini and the Honda Civic. Most are equipped with two doors and can accommodate the needs of four passengers comfortably. Compact cars are great for city driving or if you do not yet have a large family.

Mid-Sized Cars

Mid-size cars are the next “step up” in terms of size. They may offer either two or four doors; depending upon the model. The Dodge Avenger and the Ford Fusion are both considered to be compact cars.

Full-Sized Cars

Full-sized cars are often referred to as sedans. They may contain luxuries such as heated seats and larger boot space. The Ford Taurus and the Honda Accord are two full-sized cars. They can seat up to five people and the interiors offer more space than a mid-sized or a compact model. Many families choose to own a full-sized car.

Other Variants

While not typically classified as “cars”, a few other vehicle varieties include SUVs, pick-up trucks and 4x4 units. The sport utility vehicle is actually become quite popular for urban driving, as it boasts excellent handling capabilities and it can transport six people or more at any given time.

This is only a basic overview of the types of vehicles that you have to choose from. Let's now go ahead and take a look at some of the factors to keep in mind during the process of purchasing one of the these modern marvels.