It is very common for consumers to tell the difference between a coupe and a sedan. The most important feature to observe is that a coupe is thought of to offer two doors as opposed to the four-door models that are often available with a sedan. Also, coupes are thought of to be a bit more “sporty” than the more demure appeal of the typical sedan. One famous coupe of the 1990s (for those of us who remember) can be seen in the Mustang Cobra. Coupes are very popular with the younger generation and yet, collectors of all ages love the appeal that these vehicles have to offer. Let's take a look at coupes in a bit more detail.

The Features, Uses and Advantages of a Coupe

In the strictest of sense, a coupe is defined as a vehicle which offers no more than 33 cubic feet of interior volume. This is likely the reason that a coupe is normally associated with only two doors. However, there are some four-door models on the market for those who are looking for a bit more variety. Interestingly enough, coupes can even be considered two-door sedans in many cases. We can therefore appreciate the confusion that is often associated between the two.

Coupes serve a number of purposes. Some (such as certain models of the Mustang) are known for their impressive horsepower and the option to include a V8 engine as opposed to a V4 or a V6. Smaller families can opt for a coupe, for it can be a bit cheaper than a sedan. City driving ins common and unlike some forms of sedans, coupes rarely offer four-wheel drive as an option. So, these cars are mainly designated for urban and suburban driving needs.

The Price Range of a Coupe

Used coupes can be priced amenably; generally falling between $4,000 and $10,000 dollars. This is assuming that no alterations have been performed. Vehicles with additions such as rear spoilers or exhaust variants can cost considerably higher.

The MSRP of a new coupe will depend upon the brand, the engine and the extras that could be chosen (such as a bumper-to-bumper warranty). As of 2016, new coupes such as the Honda Civic can cost approximately $20,000 dollars. However, more sought-after models including the Audi R8 are associated with prices as high as $50,000 dollars or more (primarily due to a more powerful engine).

The Types and Models of a Coupe

Earlier, we noted that some coupes contain two doors while other are three- or four-door versions. Many will classify the types of coupe based off of this parameter alone. Still, some enthusiasts will take a look at the power of the engine itself to determine whether or not the coupe is a high-end sports car or an entry-level model. Those with V8 engines are more associated with racing as opposed to day-to-day activities.

The interior space (remember the previously stated 33 cubic feet) can also determine how a coupe is classified. Those with smaller spaces can be thought of as miniature or sub-compact cars.

The Top Coupes in 2016

The trending nature of the coupe has always allowed it to be a benchmark of the auto industry. 2016 has offered up some very interesting models to the general public. According to reliable sources such as Kelley Blue Book and Car and Driver, the top coupes of 2016 include:

  • The Jaguar F-Type R (for high-end motoring enthusiasts).
  • The Honda Civic Coupe
  • The Scion tC
  • The Cadillac ATS
  • The BMW 2-Series

Coupes are offered in a wide variety of styles and dimensions while the add-ons are very exciting for those who may be looking to enhance their resale value.

Where to Find the Best Deals on a Coupe

The popularity of the modern coupe has enabled consumers to enjoy a wide variety of resources before and during a purchase. Of course, authoritative United States websites such as and are great places to start. You will be able to get a basic idea of the value of different models. Other options include traditional dealers, live auctions and even checking out used car portals including and