Top Used Hatchbacks

Hatchback cars are often associated with family driving scenarios and suburban settings.  These vehicles are useful alternatives to cars that are associated with a separate trunk and in many cases, the back seat can be folded down to accommodate the needs of additional passengers or when transporting materials from place to place.  What are some of the top used hatchbacks on the market today?

The Toyota Matrix

The Matrix is actually a hatchback version of the famous Toyota and the bottom line of this unit centers around practicality.  However, we should note here that all-wheel drive is available.  This is quite rare in the hatchback category.  A 1.8-liter engine offers a moderate 132 horsepower and up to 32 miles per gallon can be enjoyed on the highway.  As there is no less than 61.5 cubic feet of cargo space, a roomy interior is never a concern.

The Honda Fit

Although discontinued in 2014, the Honda Fit was and still is one of the most popular used hatchbacks.  It is considered to be a sub-compact vehicle and it perfect for anyone who is concerned about taking up excess space.  Still, 57.3 cubic feet of interior room hardly feels like a sub-compact car.  35 miles per gallon signify that the Fit undoubtedly lives up to its name.

The MINI Cooper

It should be no surprise that the Cooper has made this list.  An iconic body style, a powerful engine and a fun driving experience are a handful of qualities that the Cooper brings to the table.  While 124 horsepower is slightly less than some other models, a wider wheel base and excellent front-wheel drive controls enable the MINI Cooper to be at the forefront of this category.