Top Used Compacts

Compact cars are often seen as “entry-level” vehicles for those who might be now to the auto market. They are also excellent choices for those who may live in an urban environment that is associated with small streets and tight turning situations. Regardless of specific needs, compact cars are immensely useful in today's world. What are some of the best used models on the market?

The Mazda MX-5 Miata

This compact roadster is said to be one of the most comfortable vehicles to drive due to its balanced weight. Available as a convertible, its style and visual appeal hide an affordable price tag. Although small in terms of size, the staggering 167 horsepower that is offered will ensure that the driver enjoys a bit of muscle when depressing the accelerator. Manual and automatic transmissions are available as well as retractable hard-top versions.

The Ford Focus

The Focus has blended style with unsurpassed levels of efficiency. Both hatchback and sedan styles are available; ideal for many different needs. The Focus boasts just over 160 horsepower and the engine is thought to be one of the most fuel efficient on the markets today (even when referring to used models).

The Buick Verano

While many do not associate Buick with compact cars, the Verano is here to prove different. This luxury-oriented sedan is associated with superior levels of interior comfort coupled with a wider body and up to 180 horsepower. While some could argue that the Verano should be classified as a sedan as opposed to a compact car, it is still considered to be compact in most circles. Other extras can include GPS systems, rear-facing cameras and proximity sensors.