Auto Parts

While there are certainly times when you will need to take your vehicle to a garage to have it serviced, many other instances could require the use of a trusted auto parts supplier. These professionals are excellent for performing last-minute tasks such as changing an air filter before heading off on holiday or if you require a new set of spark plugs to save money on fuel. So, let's look at some common scenarios when a trusted supplier will come in handy as well as a handful of the top firms within the modern market of the United States.

Do-it-Yourself Tasks

If you are looking to save a bit of money in terms of parts and labour, then a do-it-yourself servicing could be the perfect option. Some examples here can include changing the oil and the oil filter, bleeding the brakes (with the help of a friend), replacing a broken rear-view mirror or changing the distributor cap for a newer unit. Hobbyists tend to perform these and other actions on a somewhat regular basis and such tasks can also be great ways to learn a bit more about your vehicle.

Saving Money

Another reason why many will choose an independent auto parts supplier is the fact that their rates can be quite competitive when compared to purchasing an item directly from the manufacturer. This has much to do with the countless firms which are now present on the Internet. An increased amount of competition dictates that they need to be able to offer agreeable prices to their customers. Another point to mention here is that many parts (such as after-market parts or those which have been rebuilt from previous accessories) are additional ways to save money.

Beating Garage Parts Prices

When you take your vehicle in for a servicing, the fees that you will be required to pay are broken down into two categories: parts and labour. Although there is no real way to avoid labour charges, the cost of a specific part such as a master cylinder could be quite substantial. There can be times when it is better to purchase these parts from an independent supplier as opposed to using the garage itself.

What to Look for in an Auto Parts Supplier

It is wise to only use those firms which are trusted and which have been in existence for some time. Also, EVERY purchase should be backed up by some form of limited warranty. You could otherwise find that you have bought a defective part and you have no choice but to take the loss. A handful of other metrics to take into account are:

  • Can the company provide third-party reviews from previous customers?
  • Are the shipping charges included within the price of the part?
  • Are you dealing with a nationwide distributor or do they only ship to specific parts of the country?
  • How long will the part take to be delivered and in the case of an emergency, is overnight shipping a possibility?

Finding out the answers to these questions is critical before committing to any firm.

Some of the Top Suppliers of Auto Parts 

As we mentioned in the previous section, not all suppliers are trustworthy and some are better options than others. Some of the most trusted and well-known firms operating today include:


Another great resource to keep in mind is the website This portal offers all of the latest news in regards to the latest auto parts news as well as providing timely reviews of industry leaders.

It is always a good idea to leave little to chance when purchasing auto parts for your vehicle. These tips and tricks are all great ways to make sure that you are able to make the best decisions when the time is right.